The rectangular outline of the logo is a stable and secure form that represents the Company’s firm base and mastery of its line of business.

The three waves represent the dynamism of the Company in its core businesses of water, wastewater and environmental engineering.

The three arrows at the end of the waves stand for the Company’s continuing efforts in managing challenges with focused objectives.

The V-shape of the waves and the arrows also calls to mind the wings of disciplined birds in flight as a flock, representing teamwork and unity to achieve common objectives.

Colour is used carefully to communicate emotions. White is all about purity, which in turn suggests dedication, clear commitment and single-mindedness.

Blue represents the clear and unpolluted sky which, because there is no limit to its height, communicates the high standards of the Company in its services. While blue calls to mind the clear skies, it also leads to the reflection of clean, green and rejuvenated earth.

Light blue in the three arrows suggests a filtering effect, which reflects one aspect of the Company’s technical expertise in waste management. It also reflects WWE’s strict corporate governance in ensuring that only approved business practices are retained and pursued.